Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cedric Rivrain: Illustrator Extraordinaire

I think I should share this with you guys, I could not just let it pass me, or you, by. Enjoy this wonderful pieces of art.

My jaw dropped when I saw these, I mean literally. This illustrations work is so completely stunning. I do drawing sometimes but still not good at it... and these illustrations are just beautiful.

I like how he can make the garment looks so real. The way he uses colored/textured paper also add more dramatic effect to his drawings. And I bet you can recognize some of the faces here, can't you? Take a guess ;)

This is Dila's favorite, the Balenciaga sculpture shoe

It is here that I introduce you to Cedric Rivrain. Fashion illustrator extraordinaire, and a true talent at capturing the beauty of a model and her garment, armed with a simple lead pencil and a few colors to match.


  1. hey girl, love love love ur outfits! pasang outfit posts lagi yaa

    btw found u via woro's blog, lg gila jg :P

  2. thank you for your sweet comment :D and for sharing these awesome illustrations. the one with the crystals/pink top is SO good. they ACTUALLY look sparkly. i'm so fail at drawing it's quite sad actually hahahah. <3

  3. @Wina
    hehe thank you! itu udah ada post outfit lagi kok hehehe iya nih, masih nabung2 buat beli :D

    cool (Y)

    you are welcome, it's a pleasure to have your comment on my blog :))) yes I'm no good at drawing too haha

  4. ituuu Kate Moss! am I right tik?