Thursday, February 4, 2010

In a very unusual way, I want to cry.

In a very unusual way one time I needed you.
In a very unusual way you were my friend.
Maybe it lasted a day, maybe it lasted an hour.
But, somehow it will never end.

In a very unusual way I think I'm in love with you.
In a very unusual way I want to cry.
Something inside me goes weak,
Something inside me surrenders
And you're the reason why,
You're the reason why

You don't know what you do to me,
You don't have a clue.
You can't tell what its like to be me looking at you.
It scares me so, that I can hardly speak.

In a very unusual way, I owe what I am to you.
Though at times it appears I won't stay, I never go.
Special to me in my life,
Since the first day that I met you.
How could I ever forget you,
Once you had touched my soul?
In a very unusual way,
You've made me whole.

(Unusual Way - Nicole Kidman)

Back, again.

Hello, there. The inconsistent blogger is back!

Senior year is killing me. I'm serious. The weirdest thing even happened, right now I consider math as my new favorite subject! I know, I can't believe it either. Crazy.

Moreover, the photoshop program is magically disappeared from my laptop. That was like the end of everything and there's nothing else I could do. The thing is, I have to resize all of my pictures. Why yes, that's the main problem. And as you may know that I'm a total sucker for macbook. Is there any kind of editing program that you can use to resize a picture in here?

What I'm trying to say is I will not put up my outfit pictures for now. Until undecided time. So, enjoy.

PS: Don't miss me too much while I'm gone, will you? Jk.