Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forgot, but not Forgotten

I'm so sorry for not updating for a while. Don't laugh but I forgot my password... Well, okay, you may laugh now.

Talking about forgetting passwords, it's happening quite often for me. You see, I'm not a first time blogger myself. I've been blogging since... um, 6th grade? There's been 10 blogs or more that I have abandoned though. Just because of 2 simple reasons: either I forgot my own password, or I'm way too lazy to update. And yes, I do hope that I won't repeat the same mistake with this blog. Fingers crossed.

The reason I'm making another blog is because my mother asked me to... Not to follow the trend to be certain. I don't really know the reason why but I guess it's fine with me. Besides, I can practice my messy english while I tell you about my messy life. Enjoy.

I realize that I haven't introduce myself properly, no? I'm 17, and live in the capital city of Indonesia. I love fashion and I hate ants. My special ability is that my tongue actually reach my nose. You can call me Tika, or anything you like.

What do you know about Pandering & the Golddiggers? If you know nothing, then check 'em here on MySpace. The mix of electro and glam, plus the outrageous outfits will make you fall in love right away. Now they're officially my favorite band. Oh, wait. Super band.


  1. me too,I never sign out my blog, I forgot my own password :P

  2. same as here, my computer just broke down and since I never sign out too as well... I don't even remember a thing haha